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Unleash Your Knowledge: Bespoke CMS Solutions for Organisations and Independent Creators

What We Do

We Help You Systematise and Monetise Your Expertise.

Youre an expert in your domain; keep your focus there! Let us handle development, delivery and maintenance. DeepTeach.Ai serves SMEs and independent creators who want to generate revenue from domain-specific knowledge and expertise.

Custom Design and Build

We work with you to design and build fully-customised and bespoke knowledge management systems.

Fully Managed and Maintained

Fully managed and maintained - a dedicated development resource, no more DIY plugin updates or Googling how to fix your site.

Embedded AI

We leverage the explosion in AI development to provide your users or clients with an intuitive and seamless learning experience.

Independent content creators

DeepTeach.Ai for Independent Content Creators

Empowering independent creators with enterprise-level tools

The secrets out, independent creators can earn a great living by teaching online. It seems like everyone has a course to sell - so how do you stand out? By making fantastically helpful content and offering an amazing learning experience. The first one is on you - but DeepTeach.Ai can help with the second!

We’ll work with you to build a custom online learning experience that your customers won’t want to leave. A custom DeepTeach.Ai platform can include:

  • Gamification mechanics. Badges, experience points, achievements and performance scoring. These might initially appear like trivial distractions but are, in fact, amazingly powerful at sustaining learner engagement. By staying engaged with your content, your users are more likely to realise the benefits offered by your course.
  • Embedded AI tutors. Useful AI is finally here and it’s changing everything! By using the latest AI tools we can embed AI tutors in your platform that are trained on your specific content.
  • Custom components. Custom components. If you can imagine it, we can build it! Don’t be limited by cookie-cutter mass-market solutions. With your own dedicated dev resource, you can craft your ideal learning platform.

By managing and maintaining your learning platform, we free you up to do what you do best - produce new content that sells.

Consider two of the best independent course creators:

  • Bruno Simon. Bruno created Three.js Journey, an online course that has become the number one resource for learning the Three.js javascript library.
  • Josh Comeau. Josh is a front-end developer that created the The Joy of React. A standout learning resource in the incredibly crowded developer education space.

They’ve crafted truly exceptional online learning experiences - but they’re both developers! DeepTeach.Ai can help you deliver this level of polish and beyond in your own online learning platform.

DeepTeach.Ai for Small and Medium Enterprises

Generating additional revenue for SMEs

Selling your sawdust is the idea that you can generate additional revenue by identifying value in the byproducts of your main operation. Henry Ford famously used wood byproducts as raw material for charcoal, ultimately resulting in the Kingsford Charcoal Company. Times have changed, but selling your sawdust is just as relevant today.

“As a deep-tech AI start-up, we have a lot of in-demand specialist knowledge within our organisation. By working closely with DeepTeach.Ai, we’ve been able to bring our education and training platform, digiLab Academy, to market, allowing us to generate direct scalable revenue and showcase the specialist expertise we can offer through consultancy.”

Prof. Tim Dodwell
Prof. Tim Dodwell
CTO digiLab Solutions Ltd.

If you run a business, you have domain-specific knowledge and expertise. By packaging and selling this expertise in the form of a digital product, you can generate additional revenue that can scale infinitely with negligible additional cost.

In addition to direct revenue generation:

  • Project expertise and establish trust. You project your expertise into the market, further establishing your business as a trusted source of expertise and guidance in your space.
  • Generate leads. You generate leads for higher-ticket products and services down the line.

If you are an accountant, then sell a course introducing new business owners to their tax filing obligations. If you deliver value here, who do you think they’ll seek accountancy services from?

The DeepTeach.Ai team can work with you to identify the potential for knowledge-based products within your core business and develop a plan to bring these to market.

Just need an internal knowledge base?

If direct revenue generation is not the goal, but rather, wrangling internal process and procedure documentation is, DeepTeach.Ai can build you an internal CMS that makes your organisational knowledge searchable and accessible.

Customer Case Study

Data Science and Machine Learning with digiLab Academy

digiLab Solutions are a deep-tech startup focusing on delivering cutting-edge data-science solutions to clients across a range of industries, including nuclear, air-traffic control, fusion and aerospace. With a focus on safety-critical industries, digiLab has quickly established a reputation for offering data science and machine learning solutions you can trust.

As a startup in the rapidly evolving machine learning space, digiLab recognised an unmet need for education and training. Motivated by their clients bemoaning the lack of enough trained talent and the difficulty in upskilling solutions for existing staff, the seeds of digiLab Academy were planted.

DeepTeach.Ai worked with the team at digiLab to identify a collection of online courses. The goal was to craft a learning pathway that would take a learner from their first introduction to data science all the way to becoming a productive machine learning engineer. The result is digiLab Academy’s AI in the Wild online course collection.

With a curriculum planned and the digiLab team working through production, DeepTeach.Ai set about building a bespoke online learning platform from which to deliver the content. digiLab’s academy platform has been designed to meet their specific needs. In addition to the standard features, digiLab Academy includes an embedded AI tutor, with responses tuned to academy content.

By working with DeepTeach.Ai, digiLab has been able to outsource the production and management of its education platform while retaining the benefits of having a completely custom solution. This is allowing them to build additional scalable revenue as well as providing an asset that can be woven into their other product and service offerings.

digiLab Academy

Subscription Pricing

Choose a plan that's right for you.

All plans provide access to a fully managed, bespoke knowledge management platform designed and built to meet your requirements. Your platform will be developed using state-of-the-art web technologies utilising server-side rendering for excellent SEO performance.

Every DeepTeach.Ai build includes:

  • A performant blog with unlimited articles and updates.
  • Online course hosting with unlimited courses.
  • Unlimited secure video hosting.
  • Unlimited digital downloads.
  • Marketing pages for all products.
  • All content uploading and updates handled for you.
  • Fully integrated Discourse forum with SSO.
  • Fully integrated AI assistant/tutor.
  • Optional AI tuning to your content.
  • Full integration with a payment provider of your choice.
  • Full integration with your email marketing platform of choice.
  • Optional learner engagement analytics.
  • Development resource to implement additional features.

Monthly Billing

Billed monthly.

$4,995 / month for the first year

then the lesser of $2,995 per month or 10% of monthly revenue

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  • Unlimited articles
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Unlimited courses
  • Unlimited updates, Unlimited admin users

Quarterly Billing

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Billed quarterly - Save $6,000.

$4,495 / month for the first year

then the lesser of $2,995 per month or 10% of monthly revenue

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  • Unlimited articles
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Unlimited courses
  • Unlimited updates, Unlimited admin users

Yearly Billing

Up front payment - Save $12,000.

$3,995 for the first year

then the lesser of $2,995 per month or 10% of monthly revenue

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  • Unlimited articles
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Unlimited courses
  • Unlimited updates, Unlimited admin users

Due to the level of service and support we provide, we only take on a limited number of clients during the initial platform build phase. We expect to have capacity for a small number of new clients in approximately 4-6 weeks. Please join our waitlist below to be notified when we have new client capacity.

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If you have questions or would like to discuss how DeepTeach.Ai can address your specific requirements, send us a message. Outline what you have in mind, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.